Why Should You Own Gold?

Why Should You Own Gold?

Gold is the most well known financial asset globally. Everyone knows its worth and importance. Gold is in the market for generations and will stay there for generations to come. It is the easiest way of investment that is known to all levels of the society. If this isn’t enough for you to buy some gold, here are some more reasons why you should add this amazing asset to your portfolio.

1) Holding its value: Unlike the paper currencies, gold is known to preserve its value for generations. People buy it, store it and pass it on to your next generations and its importance remains the same. Many economical crises came and went but gold is still known as the investor’s safest haven.

2) Inflation: Gold is considered as the best hedge against inflation. History has shown that gold prices rise during inflation when the stock market takes a plunge.

3) Deflation: Even during deflation when all the other prices are going down, gold’s demand is seen rising up.

4) Coexistence with other assets: Gold is known for coexisting easily with other financial assets like the precious metals, or even the cryptocurrencies. Market experts are often seen recommending investors to add these both assets to their portfolio. Investors were not very keen to get into the complicated cryptocurrency trading earlier but with the newer trading systems like Crypto Code are making it easy to trade these coins. To know more about the trading platform continue reading on the link.

5) Increasing demand: People use gold not only for investment but also for making jewelry. Gold can be seen used in decorative articles as well. Gold’s worth makes it one of the most valuable gifts and so we can see people buying a variety of gold articles as a gift item. Gold is a limited resource, it is difficult to mine it and that is the reason it has so high value. But advanced technologies and increasing demand it is getting easier to mine it.

6) Known to everyone: Unlike the other financial assets like stocks, mutual funds, bonds, cryptocurrencies, gold is known to everyone. If you are not tech savvy or do not have access to technology, gold is the best investment option for you. You can buy and sell gold with any legal dealer, you can store it easily at home your home. You don’t have to maintain it and can pass it on easily to the next generation.