What These Bitcoin Bulls Are Saying About The Bitcoin

When we have uncomplicated means like the Crypto VIP Club, the automated cryptocurrency trading robot, it is only natural for us to seek it to satisfy our financial goals but, still, the trouble in the name of volatility surrounding the Bitcoins try to influence our decision, unfortunately! But, the bubble situation surrounding the Bitcoins is not anything to worry about, as the future of the Bitcoin is very promising, at least, according to these 3 prominent investors aka the long-time ‘Bitcoin Bulls’!

Chamath Palihapitiya

If you are unaware who he is, understand, it is not easy to define this Bitcoin Bull with few simple words, as the roles played by him are vast, indeed! He was once the executive at Facebook, founder of the Social Capital,  a venture capital firm, and also, a part-owner of the Golden State Warriors! Before all these, he also ran AOL Instant Messenger! Such a knowledgeable man predicts the future of the Bitcoin at $1 million by 2037, which cannot be disqualified that easily!

Tim Draper

Another notable investor, who founded the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Draper Fisher Jurvetson in the year 1985! This firm has invested in many popular concerns like Skype, Tesla, Hotmail and so on! Looking at these list of investment choices, one can be so sure that his investment choices are accurate and as well as successful too! So, when he believes in the cryptocurrencies, especially the Bitcoins and invests so much in them, do you have any more questions or hesitations regarding the success of the Bitcoins in future? Unlikely!

In fact, he is so bullish on the Bitcoin and has predicted it’s market price reaching the value of $2,50,000 by 2022. Before brushing off this prediction as obvious since Draper being a Bitcoin Bull, understand, his other prediction of Bitcoin reaching $10,000 within 3 years only came true! Yes, Draper made a statement in 2014 that Bitcoin would reach $10,000 market price value within 3 years, which was only accurate, as Bitcoin hit the estimated value in November 2017, admirably!

John McAfee

John McAfee’ love for the cryptocurrencies, especially the Bitcoins is well-known or more felt if you were his follower in the Twitter! His tweets claiming the success of the Bitcoins are very popular, and perhaps, true as well! One of his tweets made in the early days of 2017 that claimed the Bitcoin reaching the market price value of $5000 by the end of the year only came true! So, in the same line, we may also hope his other prediction of Bitcoin reaching the $1 million value by 2020 will only come true!