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  • Resources for Missing Children Organizations

    • The time of day you send out an email greatly affects the likelihood it will be open, which matters if you are sending out appeals. An email sent out first thing in the morning has a significantly higher open rate than a email sent out at 5:00 p.m, as this infographic shows.
    • This Mashable infographic about YouTube shows why nonprofits and families need to incorporate video into the search for their missing children. As we have shown elsewhere on this site, parents can make effective videos using a smartphone.
    • How much time should you spend on social media? The average small to medium size business spends six hours a week or more cultivating its social media profiles. Anything less than that it’s really enough time to drive engagement.
    • One picture may tell 1,000 words, but infographic tells the entire story. This infographic created by JESS3 neatly reminds parents not only that they are not alone and there is help, but also in the very last panel shows parents the steps needed to create an effective social media campaign to find a missing child.