Kinds of Investments

As a Policy, it is a wise way to invest the saving in a number of areas. People can think of various investment like Bank deposits, Public Provident fund, Fixed deposits, shares, Property, Mutual fund, and Gold.




Not many think of investing in a property like a land where the price keeps going up in the years. As the population increase, the land price goes up and making an investment in a property will be a wise decision in the long run. It is advisable to invest a major portion in residential or Commercial property.


Residential Property


One can purchase land and built a house or purchase an Apartment. It is always advisable to take a loan while purchasing a property. As the government gives a lot of tax benefits as reliefs. Always it is wise to consult a tax consultant before going for any loans.           Purchasing land and constructing a house is costly and time-consuming. It is easier to get a completed apartment from a reputed builder with a good track record. Before going in for any property always check the titles are clear. It is always wise to consult with a lawyer before purchasing and never invest in a Property if the tiles are not clear.


Public Provident Fund


For years, investing in PPF is the safe and best method of investing once Saving. Anyone can open an account in Post office or Bank and deposit in our name or spouse name or in the name of the minor from 10,000 to 70,000 for a period of 15 years. Once the tenure of 15 years is completed this can be extended for 5 years and there is no limit of extending the no of 5 years. It is strongly recommended that each member of a family have a PPF account.


Share on Companies


This process of investment once saving is a tricky investment. For a long time investment, this is a good area to invest. However, before investing in share, it is advisable to thoroughly understand the market value and do investment. Now anyone can invest in share. In order to do online trading, a person should have a Demat account and trading account. Now Bank offers this facility and even a lot of brokers are available in the market. Always while doing investment in trading when the gains are quick and substantial the loss can be similarly quick and substantial. Always one should have a strong heart to be successful in Share investment.


Bank Deposits


This is one of the safe and easy ways to keep once saving. The rate of interest on fixed deposits is quite low. But always Money is in a liquid state and can be taken at any time. Always you can take a loan on a fixed deposit.

One should make a wise decision by analyzing all these portfolios and invest in a fruitful manner. check out the post right here