I am convinced that this is a legit software

My job involves reviewing:

I have tried trading and have found it fascinating. However, I found my heart in software reviews. You see, a couple of years ago only, I was like anyone of you traders, naïve and totally new to this field. The fact that I could earn supplementary income in this field was so attractive that I got on the bandwagon.


I was disillusioned with the scams happening:

Now it is obvious that there is going to be some kind of scam where money is. I kind of expected this but I did not know that this field was overwhelmingly full of frauds trying o dupe newbie traders by first luring them into their trap with their sweet talk and making them deposit money to the tune of hundreds of dollars and then send wrong trade signals so that balance diminishes right in front of their bewildered eyes.

This was the modus operandi of almost all the scammers:

I have been duped too. I understood that people were desperate to trade and to make money but what I never understood was that why didn’t they inform themselves about the legitness of the software they were about to gleefully hand over their hard earned money to?

Was it the dearth of honest review sites?

I immediately started to review software after another. I made sure that I logged on to them and traded on them for a minimum period of sixty days before I gave them a clean chit or called the names. I reviewed the platform on my blog site so as to reach a maximum number of people and to make sure that all information was in public domain. No hidden agenda and no fine print!

I understand fully well that risk is ancillary to trade:

When a trader invests his money and he loses a bit and profits a bit, however small the profit is, it will not tantamount to a scam. But if the trader consistently loses and there are other signs which point in the direction that the software is playing dirty, it is definitely a sign that the program is a juvenile and it is best to steer clear away from such cheats.

One of this trading software that deserves mention for being consistently legit come what may have been my pet one and is called Crypto VIP Club. This fantastic software created by Andrew King and his team has managed to outshine all of the software that I have reviewed so far.

This Forex software is the best in its category. I am not even exaggerating. You can check it out for yourself here.