How To Cut on Power Bills- Know The Tips and Tricks

How To Cut on Power Bills- Know The Tips and Tricks

Do you know that cooling and heating account for nearly 50% of your power bill?  If you can focus a little bit to cut down these, you can save up to 20% of your power bills.  Use the below tips to save power consumption:

Summer Tips:

Using cool color paints:  Colors like purple, blue and green make the home cooler.  Avoid colors that absorb more heat.  You would end up using the air conditioner the whole day.

Usage of Heat-generating appliances:  Dishwashers, washing machine, grillers etc. spread the flow of hot air all around the home.  In summer this will result in an increase of temperature inside the home.  You can use them wisely during night times when the exterior temperature is not so hot.  You will be using air conditioners during the night.  Hence finding respite is easy.

Finding coolness:  Other than home appliances, you can take a few steps so that you beat the heat.  These may include wearing light dresses, breathing exercise, eating foods like cucumber which can keep your body cool.

Hosing the terrace:  During the evenings if you can water the roof of your house, the home would be cool.  You can stay happily inside the house and read more about Ethereum code from your mobile.

Scope for other ideas:  If your house has space, grow trees and plants.  If you are living in a multistoried house use the ground floor.  If there is space outside the house, you can grill outside. Thus, you can avoid heat.

Air drying:  Instead of using the dryer, hang the clothes in a clothesline.  They will dry up automatically.

Winter Tips:

Isolation:  Ensure that the heater does not flow to unused rooms.

Allow sunlight:  Every morning open the windows so that the home is filled with more sunlight.  You can reduce the usage of the heater.

Avoid frequent reheating of food:  Have food as a family in one go.  Avoid reheating.


Avoiding wastage:  The basic rule is to switch off fans and lights when you do not need them.

Replace old appliances:  Replace quite old appliances.  Over a period, they become energy-inefficient.  Repairing old appliances and using them can cause a hike in bills.

Maintain the appliances in good condition:  Only when you maintain the appliances as per instructions mentioned in the user manual, they work more efficiently.  So, ensure you clean them and maintain properly.

Cold wash: Avoid hot wash.  You can save a considerable amount in energy bills.