Three Simple Video Tips

Finding missing children using video should be easy.  You don’t need to be a Hollywood director to create compelling video to help find missing children.  To engage and inspire the community of people looking for your missing child, all you need is a simple video camera or a phone that takes video and follow these simple guidelines:

  • Be brief, keep it under two minutes.
  • One message per video. Got more than one message? It’s a good thing to have lots of video.
  • Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good. A video from the heart means more than great product skills.

Most of all, don’t be intimidated.  You can do this.  Think of the videos you shot of your child’s first steps or first day at school.  You weren’t worried about what people thought of those videos. Don’t worry now. Be natural. It’s okay.

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  1. Graham Perry says:

    Hello, Madeleine McCann the nine year old missing British Citizen is still missing. Madeleine could be living in any part of our world do you have any really useful advice. I have every reason to believe that Madeleine is living among us, thank you.

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