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    Find Your Missing Child develops social media resources for the parents of missing and runaway children and the organizations serving that community.  One of those resources is the  Social Media Guide for Parents of Missing and Runaway Child, which we want to put in the hands of every searching family and every missing persons organization across the country.

    The guide teaches parents how to use the community building powers of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and e-mail to help in the search for a missing child. The Guide, designed for parents with limited skills as well as sophisticated social media users, coaches and provides parents constructive ways to actively participate in the search for their missing child.

    Recommended by law enforcement and community agencies, the Guide can:

    1. Uncover and leverage resources within the parents’ and caregivers’ social network
    2. Create leads for the police
    3. Provide parents with the solace and comfort that comes from knowing they are actively participating in the search and effort to bring their child home.

    The social media guide helps build communities by harnessing the parents’ and caregivers’ extended social networks to:

    1. Deploy more people to canvass locations for the child.
    2. Enlist searchers with special training, such as retired detectives.
    3. Reach well-wishers who can supply meals to busy searchers and the family.